Travel Checklist

Before you go


Check that your passport has at least 6 months validity prior to departure


Make sure you have the list of important contacts or numbers just in case

Personal and travel documents

Leave a copy of your passport, itinerary and tickets, visas and insurance policy with your family or a friend and take a copy with you.


Check that any medications you plan to take with you are legal at your destinations by contacting the nearest embassy, high commission or consulate of the countries you plan to visit. You could consider carrying a letter from your doctor detailing what your medicine is, and that it is for personal use.

Travel money

Organise a variety of ways of accessing money overseas, such as debit and credit cards, travellers’ cheques and cash in easily convertible currencies or better still, exchange cash before travelling.

Packing 101

Always travel as light as possible but make sure you squeeze in an inflatable pillow, sleeping mask, international power adapters, an extra change of clothes in your hand luggage, socks for the plane, baby wipes to freshen up & a lightweight rain coat.

However, do not over pack your items and pack wisely.

Read up on your trip...

The do’s & don’ts, weather, culture. Respect local customs as some areas or countries are still observing or maintain local customs and cultural heritage.

Example: If you are a man, do not, under any circumstances, wear a green hat while you are in Hong Kong

Get snap happy...

Think all-things-camera. Make sure your memory card/s are big enough (you’ll want to snap everything you see!) and pack extra batteries.


Last but not least...sit back, relax, enjoy and shop during the trip. The rest will be taken care by your representative travel agent and local guide.