Corporate Travel Solutions

Our system and travel consultants are skewed towards understanding your unique travel patterns. We do more than just satisfy, we delight. We don’t just deliver; we anticipate your travel needs. We do not just merely serve, we engage ourselves in your requests.

We believe that corporate travel management is more than just mere bookings of flights and hotels. We provide end-to-end travel management solutions, with the prime objectives of managing company travel costs, ensuring seamless services across borders, besides ensuring security and safety of traveler:

  • Providing travel data and reports for management consumption
  • Provide consultation and enforcement of corporate travel policy
  • Provide platform for business matching between principals and your organization (eg. Airlines, Hotels) that ensures competitive rates and value added benefits
  • Provide statement of account for monitoring and tracking purposes
  • Provide specialised and trained personnel on-site (inplant desk) and off-site
  • 24/7 contact point

As a member of Travel Solutions International (TSI) Network, we gain access to the best available airline, hotel and ground transfer rates at major markets internationally. It is a vital platform to provide seamless and efficient travel solutions to satisfy a global traveller.

Contact us for more information on our Corporate Travel Management services and BE INSPIRED.

Leonard Tan
Relationship Manager
Tel: +603-7967 0810