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Best Time to Visit & Climate


The best time to go on safari in the Kruger National Park area is during the dry season, from May - October. This is winter when the temperatures can get a little chilly. Most importantly, the wildlife congregates around waterholes and the grass is shorter. These are all factors that make it easier to spot wildlife. Winter temperatures during the day are around 15ºC and night time temperatures can fall to as low as 0ºC.

If you are planning to camp, you should avoid the peak of summer from October - April. But if you like to see little ones, many young are born around September/October when the bush is lush and there's plenty to eat.

If you are planning a safari in other parts of South Africa, check the weather for the time of year. Safaris in general are better when its dry, for the reasons mentioned above. If you want to avoid malaria completely, there are some excellent malaria-free safari options in South Africa. If you wish to go on safari while visiting Cape Town, the best time to visit would be in the drier summer months from November to March (the opposite to Kruger).


  • Animals are easily spotted as they convene at their regular waterholes and the bush recedes.
  • Most days are sunny and clear.
  • Animals are easier to spot during the dry months.
  • Minimum chance for malaria.
  • Morning game drives in open vehicles are very cold and warm clothing is a necessity.
  • Dust and haze is prevalent.


  • Abundant foliage and lush landscapes.
  • Baby animals can be seen.
  • Migratory birds make for prime birding.
  • It is very hot and humid.
  • Anti-malarias are needed.
Spring : September to October
Summer : November to February
Autumn : March to April
Winter : June to August


South Africa is located in a sub-tropical climate. The rainy season is from October to March and the weather during this time is very hot and humid. Daytime temperatures can rise as high as 35° C in summer and seldom drops below 10° C during winter nights.


Months Minimum Maximum
December - February 20° C 33° C
March - April 19° C – 16° C 31° C
May - August 6° C – 10° C 26° C – 28° C
September - November 13° C – 18° C 29° C – 32° C